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OptixPCB V6 AF-Confirm chip

OptixPCB V6 AF-Confirm chip
OptixPCB V6 AF-Confirm chip
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OptixPCB V6 AF Confirm Chip for Canon EOS

*** AF-Confirm / Store 3 Lens Configuration / Focus Shift Compensation / Trap Focus ***

~ This OptixPCB V6 AF-Confirm Chip allows quick & easy reconfiguration of parameters by end user. You may re-select your favorite Aperture value, Focal length and Focus shift compensation factor as many times as you wish.
~ Choose f/20 + DOF under BASIC MODE, you can instantly switch among the three lens configuration cells inside the AF-Confirm chip. Every cell of lens configuration contains whole set of data including Aperture, Focal length, Focal adjustment value and current Trap focus setting. Changes to all these settings are saved to the cell instantly.

~ Every brand new OptixPCB V6 AF-Confirm Chip is factory initialized to Aperture f/2.0, Focal length 50mm and a middle Focus shift compensation factor of 50.

~ Trap Focus Mode the camera will fire the shutter automatically if you fully press and hold the shutter button while turning the focusing ring to hit the correct focus.

~ Chips made in Hong Kong not China

~ 1 Year Warranty




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