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OptixPCB V5+ AF-Confirm chip

OptixPCB V5+ AF-Confirm chip
OptixPCB V5+ AF-Confirm chip
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OptixPCB V5+ AF-Confirm chip
In the original Optix V5 firmware, the AF-assist indicator lights up / beep when the focusing ring is rotated to hit the correct point of focus. Very often it is very hard to stop the ring turning motion sharply when the beep sounds and a just tiny bit of over-turning will lead to obvious incorrect focus if you are using big apertures like f/2.8, f/2.0, etc. on your manual focus lens.

Optix V5+ is the new enhanced version of our famous Optix V5 AF-chip with the update to include the very helpful Trap Focus feature. You can activate and de-activate this focus mode by selecting f/18 in the basic setting mode. Under Trap Focus mode shutter can only be released at correct focus. And this introduces a wonderful trick to make the camera fire the shutter sharply and automatically once the focus condition is matched.


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